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Self-Reliance & Preparedness

Youth Emotional Resilience Class

Age 15+ | 3-part Class | Mar 1, Apr 21, May 19

March Newsletter

March Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Fruits, Veggies, & Just-Add-Water Meals

March Group Buy

March Group Buy | Fruits, Veggies, & Just-Add-Water Meals | Mar 1 – Mar 23

February Newsletter

February Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Dairy

February Group Buy

February Group Buy | Dairy

January Newsletter

January Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Rice, Pasta, & Other Grains

President Nelson’s General Conference Talks

Dear Stake Family,
I compiled all of President Nelson’s General Conference talks from 2018-2023 into one document for the purposes of having them all in one spot on my computer and printing them into a booklet. I thought you might also enjoy this resource. Attached is a pdf for printing purposes and the google doc link (click above). Happy New Year!
Love, Sister Klomp

December Newsletter

December Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Beans – pg 1

Beans – pg 2

November Newsletter & Grain Mill Group Order

November Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Grain Mills

Grain Mill Group Order | Nov 1 – Nov 18 (Sat)

If you still want to buy wheat, there are a some options in our stake.
For 5-gal buckets of white wheat (30 available), call Sister Garner.
For 50 lb bags of white wheat (2 available) or a 6-gal bucket of red wheat (1 available), call Sister Klomp.
And you can always go to The Home Storage Center (see Oct Wheat Group Order Info).

October Newsletter & Wheat Group Order

October Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Wheat

Wheat Group Order Info – Oct 2 – Oct 21 (Sat)

Upcoming Activity: Breadmaking Night

October Self-Reliance & Preparedness Activity | Breadmaking Night

Thu Oct 26 | 7 pm | Stake Center

Stake Fireside | Sunday Sep 10 | Emotional Resilience

Stake fireside for everyone 16 and older | Presented by Ben Harris | Sep 10

What is self-reliance? What is emotional resilience? Why do they matter? How can I improve my life? And the relationships in my life? These questions and more will be addressed at the fireside, as well as introducing the Emotional Resilience groups that are starting in each ward mid-September.
Ben Harris, a counselor in all realms for the past 35 years, is knowledgeable and engaging. Come join us and learn from this phenomenal speaker!

Upcoming Ward Emotional Resilience Groups

Please sign up here OR
reach out to your ward specialist here to join a group in your ward or another ward.

  • Our stake is focusing on EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE for 2023-2024 as part of our goals for self-reliance and preparedness. This worthwhile and motivating group s available through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for anyone 16 and older. There is something for everyone in this program. The online manual can be found here. A physical manual will be given to you when you join a group.
  • Our goal is that everyone in our neighborhood will have the opportunity to participate in an Emotional Resilience group over the course of the next 1.5 years.
  • It is officially a group and not a class because those attending will be taught through the manual and each other. A facilitator will ensure the group stays on task, that no one dominates the conversation, and oversee the logistics. It is intended that the group will go through the manual together and follow the instructions given to learn about various topics each week, including
    – centering one’s life in Jesus Christ,
    – gaining skills to help with anxiety, depression, addiction, and anger management, and
    – learning how to take care of the body.
    These skills will help to improve life and relationships with God, family, friends, and ourselves.
  • Dates and times will be determined by the group, but cannot be during church. Ideally they will start mid-September.
  • For more details about this program click here

September Newsletter & Honey Group Order

September Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Sugars

Honey Group Order Info – Sep 1 – Sep 12 (Tue)

Preparedness Resources & Goals

In addition to emotional resilience, the other goal for our stake (regarding self-reliance and preparedness) is for everyone to have the opportunity to
GATHER A FOOD SUPPLY. A monthly newsletter educates about different aspects of food storage and suggests monthly goals (with different levels from which you can choose) to progress toward having food supply for your family/household . A 3-month supply is the first step and will ideally progress to a one-year supply for each person in your household.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Local Area Preparedness Guides (excellent resource- start here)
Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide
Emotional Resilience Group
Facing Challenges: A Self-Help Guide

Little Valley Stake Website
Shannon’s Food Storage Google Doc
Shannon’s Emergency Preparedness Google Doc
Home Storage Center (look for white silos) 516 N 1400 E St George, UT 84770 | website | 435-673-3491 | T/Th 10-6; W/F/S 10-2
Your Family Still Matters  175 W 900 S #14, St George, UT | 435.628.7042 | | Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

FAQ about Food Storage

  • Do I really need to store food? Yes! Think back to COVID. Look at the turmoil in the world. What if you lose your job? You do not want your family to go hungry if the store shelves are empty.
  • How much food do I need? Google “food calculator” and enter amount of people in your household
  • Where do I start?
    1) Start with a gathering a 3-month supply of food you use all the time
    • Buy a few extras each visit to the store or
    • Find a case lot sale and stock up in one trip
    2) Then gather food for a year
    • List the food in your 3-month storage and buy a year’s worth of it (more room and more expense), or
    • Buy long-term foods such as wheat, rice, beans, honey, etc. (less room and less expense)
    • Store what you will eat
  • How long does it take to gather a year supply of food? You can do it slowly or quickly
    1) Slowly: Consistently add food to your home
    • Once you have 3-month supply, move on to gathering 6-months, then 9-months, and then a year supply, or
    • Buy a few extras each time you go to the store, or
    • Take ideas from the “quickly” list and do it at your own pace, or
    • Follow along with our stake newsletter recommendations
    2) Quickly: Buy a year supply all at once an be done with it
    • Purchase freeze-dried food packages that will last 25+ years and requires you to just add water (expensive, easy – taste-test first)
    • Purchase food that is already packaged in buckets/cans, such as the Home Storage Center (less expensive than freeze-dried, fairly easy)
    • Find long-term food in bags and put it in containers yourself, using oxygen absorbers and lids that seal (less-expensive, time-consuming)
    • Post on KSL or craigslist that you want food storage and will haul it (you may get it for free this way)
  • Where will I store it? Google “creative places to put food storage.”

Quarterly Preparedness Event

Food Storage Potluck Party & Recipe Swap | Thu Aug 17 | 6:30-8 @ Stake Center

This will be a fun evening where we share food made with food storage ingredients, then visit while we sample and exchange our recipes! Bring the whole family! Recipes can be digital or physical, a single one or a stack to pass out.

Recipes are available to print here

July/August Newsletter

Aug Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Oats

Questions? Please get in touch with your Ward Self-Reliance Specialist or Sister Klomp at 435-705-8414

Aug Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Oat Recipes

June Newsletter

June Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Water Filters

Group Order | Water Filters | June 1-17

Emotional Resilience Group

• Starting Sunday, May 7
• For all youth serving missions this summer or fall AND current mission prep attendees
4:00-5:30 at stake center in primary room.
• Runs for 10 weeks. No prior preparation required. Books will be provided.
• Course info can be found here. (In Church Library app under second button. Library. Life helps. Self-reliance. Finding Strength in the Lord: Emotional Resilience)

May Newsletter

May Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Water Storage

Group Order | Water Storage | Apr 22- May 20

Group Order Options | Group Order Instructions | Water storage tips

Preparedness Fair Handouts

Click link to access handout and/or information about the class/booth. Not all classes have a handout.

INFORMATION BOOTH* | Stake goals | (see water storage group buy above). Resources | Shannon Klomp

INTRODUCTION TO FOOD STORAGE* | Overview – great place to start if you feel unsure | Kenton Baker 

SHORT-TERM FOOD STORAGE* | How much, shopping sales, where to store | Amber Carter

LONG-TERM FOOD STORAGE* | What do I store? How much do I store?  | Dusty Butler

WATER STORAGE* | Containers, preservation, where to purchase | Aaron Klomp

GRINDING WHEAT* | Wheat grinders – hand & electric | Amanda Cox

HOW TO STORE FOOD* | Containers & supplies | Rachel Williams

VACUUM SEALING IN JARS* | Extend the life of your food | Sheri Hill

DEHYDRATING FOOD | Food preservation by removing water | Tina Forsyth

FREEZE-DRYING FOOD | Food preservation using a freeze-dryer | Genis Barben, Janae & Kerry Bang

COOKING WITHOUT POWER | Sun oven, thermal cooker, rocket stove, etc. | Lisa D’Albro

GARDENING | Soil basics, when to plant, tips & tricks | Steve Christensen

SPROUTING SEEDS | Learn how to eat greens from your wheat & seeds | Liz Smith

ASK AN EXPERT | Have a unique question? Ask a pro! | Brant Ross

*For beginners

Stake Breakfast & Preparedness Fair at the Stake Center – as part of Stake Conference weekend

April Newsletter

April Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Short-term food storage

Local Deals

Click here for local deals

Flood Information

Text WCFlood to 888777 to get flood text alerts:

Sandbags are free at the reuse center! Pick up 5-10 to have on hand.
Reuse Center | 575 E Brigham Rd | St George UT 84790 | 435-627-4028 | Open M-F 7-5; Sat 7-3

Consider doing the following if there is a possibility of flooding: gas up cars and stock up on flashlights, batteries, and bottled water. During the storm, use a pump to keep water off your pool cover or open it, if safe to do so (to prevent cover & motor from being ruined due to water weight). Please check in with your neighbors and take care of each other!

Personal & Family Emergency Plan Worksheet

Emergency Preparation & Response

March Newsletter

March Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Short-term food storage

Click here to fill out Preparedness Questionnaire

February Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Short-term food storage

Little Valley Stake Preparedness Event held Thursday, February 9th at 7:00 pm.

January Self-Reliance & Preparedness Newsletter | Thermal Cooker

Food Storage Guide

Click the image to view Shannon’s Food Storage Guide.

For questions, please get in touch with your Ward Self-Reliance Specialist or Sister Klomp at 435-705-8414.